A trusted partner to a technology leader


These days we’re surrounded by advanced technology - from self-driving cars to always connected smartwatches. All of these devices have one thing in common - they’re powered by microchips. And that’s where ASM plays a vital role. 

A unique story

Founded in 1968, ASM is a pioneer in the semiconductor industry. 

Today, it’s a publicly traded, multinational company with offices in 16 countries across the globe. Through their relentless focus on innovation, ASM develops groundbreaking technologies for the world’s leading chip manufacturers, allowing them to create the next generation of electronic devices. 

The work ASM does touches all of our lives. As their trusted communications partner since 2012, we’ve been sharing their unique story with the world through a wide array of projects.


From creating compelling brand videos to providing financial, HR, and technical communications, we’re constantly re-thinking how we can share the ASM story. This includes the co-creation of a new, engaging concept for the ASM annual general meeting – live streamed across the world to the company’s global partners.

360-degree communications partner

Today, DartGroup is responsible for every aspect of ASM’s communications strategy. We began with rebranding the company, and became their 360-degree communications partner.

We’re always looking to showcase ASM’s drive for innovation and excellence, whether we’re creating video and photography content for use in internal communications, writing copy for financial communications, or launching a new marketing campaign.

Recently, we worked on the most ambitious assignment so far - a book that uncovers the company’s extraordinary history and achievements. 


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