The future
of banking

Autonomy for everyone

Financial technology, or fintech, has had a major impact on the world. Thanks to the rise of digital technology, banks are modernizing their consumer services, providing customers with a better and more efficient banking experience.

Reinventing banking

five°degrees combines state-of-the-art technology and sound financial knowledge to create unique digital solutions for today’s banks, and those who like banking to be quick and easy. 

A digital core banking platform in the cloud that is reinventing banking.


Standing out

But with a growing number of fintech companies fighting for attention, it’s important to stand out. We decided to use the company’s differentiating factor – that clients achieve autonomy by implementing the five°degrees’ platform – to make them distinct. 

We developed a forward-looking identity that reflects this, their unorthodox tone of voice and visual tone, and created multiple brand videos that explain the added value of using the company’s services.



Turning a startup into a brand

The brand we developed established the company as a serious contender in the fintech industry – this helped them attract both large banks as clients and additional talented employees.

Strategy video

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