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Restyling a flower creator

Schreurs is a family-owned business, which has been leading the way in the development of roses and gerberas through innovation, skill, and entrepreneurship since it was founded. Today, it’s one of the world’s leading rose and gerbera breeders. With varieties like Red Naomi! being cultivated by professional growers in over 100 countries worldwide, the company has seen an incredible amount of success. It’s a beautifully Dutch success story - and we gladly designed a fitting communications style for them. 

A winning team

The two flowers at the heart of Schreurs’ business are roses and gerberas. While both beautiful in their own way, they each represent a different part of the company – both operationally and strategically.

In order to make it easy to differentiate between the company’s products, we developed two unique shapes that define the communication style – one based on the anatomy of the rose, the other on the gerbera.

We then applied these shapes and colors throughout the company’s communications – the websites, its brochures and catalogs, the company’s interior design – to create a brand that’s both unified and unique.


Crafting the perfect flower

By combining creative thinking with technical knowledge, Schreurs has developed some of the best-performing flowers on the international market.

We’ve emphasized the unique talent and expertise of Schreurs employees by using location photography that shows them at work. By bringing employees into the company’s communications, the brand acknowledges that these people are vital to the company’s success.


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